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As You Retire, Pay Attention To The Weather

September 23. 2020

Look at practically any list of favorite places to retire, and you will notice some Sun Belt communities, coastal towns in particular. Some of these popular destinations can experience extreme weather, and that is giving some seniors pause.

In this century, people along the Gulf Coast have watched epic hurricanes, such as Katrina and Harvey, bring storm surges and rainfall that have inundated or wrecked whole cities. Other Sun Belt retirement "hot spots" are hit with bouts of dry heat: through August 31, the Phoenix area had experienced 50 days of temperatures of 110° or higher in 2020, including 25 straight days above 115°. Baby boomers unused to Sun Belt living may have second thoughts about moving to a place where high-tide flooding and installing hurricane shutters are seemingly annual occurrences, or where summer means staying indoors after 11:00 am. It can be informative to visit for a week or two in a Sun Belt retirement location you might be thinking about moving to, or even a few days "out of season." You might find out how acclimated you are (or aren't) to the surroundings.2