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 My experiences with Andy are not solely financial.

He is someone you can trust completely to handle your money, invest it wisely, and to explain exactly what he’s doing and why. Andy is so knowledgeable about so many things and so willing to share his knowledge that I end up going to him for things financial yes, but also that aren’t in the financial bucket. And even when I haven’t reached out to him, he has stepped up in other areas of my life, especially health, when I haven’t even asked. He’s just been there as a trusted friend and advisor.”  453355-1 

— Marcia M., Berkeley, CA.


Andy has been my "financial guy" for more than 30 years!

He has helped me make a plan and follow it through many market conditions and made the right calls for a comfortable retirement. And, he is always available for questions and advice. He and his team have kept up with cyber security issues and have provided timely portfolio reviews -- I could not ask for more!!!” 453351-1

— Edie H., San Francisco


We have worked with Andy since the beginning of his professional journey, which happened to also be the beginning of our life’s journey.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table talking with Andy about our needs in the present and our dreams and goals for the future. Assisting us with budgeting, planning, forecasting, and protecting our investments, throughout the years Andy and his team have been an excellent resource for our money management and financial growth. Now almost 30+ years later, we are comfortably retired, and all of our goals have been met or exceeded. Throughout the years YBFP has provided us with exceptional service, professionally executed and with a positive attitude of success." 458153-1

—Amy and Steven Gottlieb, San Francisco, CA

This statement is a testimonial by a client of Andrew Zittell, Yerba Buena Financial Partners as of 2023.07.10. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.