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Our Strategies

Grow & Protect

YBFP strives to help our clients accumulate and preserve wealth and to do this we employ a grow & protect strategy. We seek to create a calm amidst the chaos of fast-moving, global, and interconnected economies. Markets can be unpredictable, and our multi-faceted grow & protect investment approach strives to help mitigate volatility and provide predictability, making it easier to avoid stress and worry in times of crisis.

We help clients navigate the rollercoaster of market volatility while pursuing the financial stability to achieve their goals. As advisors, our focus is on caring for our clients, and our goal is to develop long-term relationships with families, businesses, and institutions who trust our advice and value our knowledge.

We use the latest research, technology, and tools and through our multifaceted planning strategy, we empower our clients to make informed decisions regarding building, protecting and distributing wealth. YBFP provides objective advice, comprehensive education, and unparalleled service.

Alternative Investments

Imagine a portfolio investment strategy with a potential to thrive in any market climate—be it bull, bear, or flat. YBFP utilizes managers who thoughtfully invest in highly liquid and illiquid markets with carefully evaluated futures, real estate, oil & gas, commodities, metals, and other income opportunities. As part of your portfolio, you have an option to employ a diverse set of these carefully selected alternative investments, creating portfolio stability and/or generating income where suitable and appropriate for your circumstances.

Alternative investments may not be suitable for all investors and involve special risks such as leveraging the investment, potential adverse market forces, regulatory changes and potential illiquidity. The strategies employed in the management of alternative investments may accelerate the velocity of potential losses.

Risk Transfer

Envision guaranteeing a portion of your assets and income to reduce worry of suffering from unforeseen events. As your advisor, it is our role to help you prepare for those unforeseen events, we plan for adversity.

Without bias, we educate you on the options for transferring risk to highly rated insurance companies. Risk transfer education includes attributes, detriments, risks, and fees. We provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions that are comfortable and appropriate for you. We will present all options, designed to transfer risk, with the understanding that any guarantees are dependent on the claims paying ability of the insurer.

A complimentary risk assessment to discover your risk tolerance for investing.

A complimentary risk assessment to discover your risk tolerance for investing.