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How Long Term Care Insurance can help you plan today, for an uncertain tomorrow!

August 14, 2019

You plan, you save, and you invest to create a financially secure tomorrow. Needing long-term care can impact your loved ones, your assets, and your retirement.  Be prepared with a plan to address a long-term care need that lasts for many months or many years. Long-term care insurance can help you plan today, for an uncertain tomorrow. 

No other place will ever seem like your home, so it is understandable why people prefer to remain in their home even when long-term care is needed.  Today’s long-term care insurance (LTCi) policies can pay for needed care in your own home.

In baseball, hitting the bats “sweet spot” results in the most powerful hit.  The long-term care planning sweet spot is when individuals have the most options and can obtain less expensive insurance.  Your 50’s and 60’s are the sweet spots for purchasing long-term care insurance protection because you are younger and healthier.

  • Find out how much coverage costs
  • Ask what discounts you may be eligible to receive
  • Provide health status to determine if you qualify

For more information on Long Term Care Insurance, visit the California Department of Insurance.

Now is the best time to get the information you need to start planning. 

Contact Andy, at 415.334.8000 and he will assist you in comparing your plan options, benefits, and costs.