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Chronic Inflammation: The Cause Of Too Many Maladies?

September  2022 

In recent decades, medical journals and news outlets have devoted more attention to the diseases linked to sustained inflammation – in the joints, the digestive system, the liver or pancreas, and even the mouth or eyes. Normally, inflammation is a healthy response on the part of the body to injury or infection and part of the healing process. When that response does not cease, it can lead to health issues in the present or future.

Chronic inflammation is when white blood cells attack cells surrounding or within healthy organs and tissues. Visceral fat cells are a common target; the more you weigh, the more visceral fat cells you have. Accumulated scientific research suggests that chronic inflammation promotes intestinal and oral cancers, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and even heart disease. The inflammation may be invisible to the eye or unfelt within the body, but a blood test or a physical may help to detect it. Diet and exercise can play a major role in managing or reducing chronic inflammation. Losing weight and staying active may be the cheapest and simplest ways to fight back against the threat, preferably while following the guidance and advice of trusted health care professionals.3