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Is Early Retirement For Everyone?

June 2022

Retiring before 60 can be fantastic if your financial situation looks good and you know what you want to do next. If you are not certain about either of those two "ifs," it might be best to keep working for a while.

In retirement, experts say to plan on living on about 80% of what you earned working, and you might spend more than that during your first few years after your career ends, thanks to travel and hobbies. These expenses, plus debts, might prompt you to work part-time, which may be easier earlier in your retirement rather than later. You could live into your 90s, so your retirement money may need to last longer than you think.

This may amount to a good argument for working a little longer. Whether you wish to retire now or later, retiring with a financial strategy to sustain your money, rather than just a yearning to exit your job or career, is essential.4