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Stay Healthy As You See The World

July 2022 

Travel is certainly a highlight of retirement. To keep those travel highlights coming, you need to keep healthy, including taking care of yourself "on the road" and at your destination.

Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control regularly post COVID-19 Travel Health Notices? Check them ( to see if a surge is happening where you want to go. In the air or on the train, keep your mask on. Be sure, as well, to keep your hands (and surfaces) clean and travel boosted. If you have food allergies and are going overseas or on a cruise, think about traveling with a card that spells them out in English and whatever languages are native to where you are traveling – and pack snacks you may need them. A basic first aid kit may prove helpful – one with such standbys as cold and flu medicine, antibiotic wound care products, motion sickness pills, and anti-itch creams. The party atmosphere on cruises can encourage binge eating and drinking. To stave off the effects, think about having multi-grain cereal or oatmeal to start the day and limiting yourself to one dietary indulgence per day and one glass of wine rather than one or more sugary, comparatively high-calorie mixed drinks. Lastly, carrying a card that notifies others of any medical conditions you have can be prudent should something unforeseen happen.3