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Taking A Social Media Break

March 2023

Are you developing a love/hate relationship with social media? You might enjoy it for quick hits of entertainment throughout the day, or as a way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. But the constant onslaught of information might feel overwhelming at times.

One study found that those who spent time on social media to avert loneliness during the pandemic reported a decrease in their mental health.

You may not want to give up on social media totally, but just like turning off TV or video games and doing something else, a change can feel as good as a rest. Another study of 68 university students showed that taking a break from social media led to better sleep, improved mood, and a reduction in anxiety.

So don’t hesitate to give yourself a break now and then. A walk or a hike with your social media muted might do the trick. If you want to rest your eyes, you might consider enjoying an audio book or podcast. It might also be an opportunity to try something new, like yoga, or meditation. And there’s always the opportunity to call up a friend and meet up for a little “in person” social time.

While social media is probably here to stay, your level of use is always up to you. Taking a little time away can be refreshing and do your body and mind no end of good.3