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Time To Think About All That Free Time

February 24, 2021

Time is a gift, and when you retire, you'll no doubt think about making the most of it. Would it be weird to make a weekly schedule for yourself in retirement, similar to the way you scheduled workweeks during your career? Scheduling your time has its merits, at any age. It could help you stay productive on a day-to-day basis during your "second act," whether you elect to work or not.

Want to calendar a tennis match or a little backyard landscaping? Why not? Calendaring fun and/or creative things can give you that little extra push to get them done, much like project management software does at work. These are the appointments you want to keep, and now, they are mostly fun. You may find yourself so busy with part-time work, volunteering, clubs, and social gatherings that calendaring things becomes wise. Alternately, if you lack for activities once your career or business winds down, the empty calendar screen or calendar pages may lead you to muse about how you could make use of your greater free time.3