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Vacation With Grandkids 

April 2022

Vacation With Grandkids 

Road Scholar (previously known as Elderhostel) says 66% of grandparents report having vacationed with grandchildren. If you have such a trip coming, think about involving the grandkids. What do your grandkids want to see? What piques their curiosity? Remember that accommodating their interests and attention spans will often come first; sometimes, kids will warm to a "mature" activity, sometimes they will get bored and squirm, which might necessitate a change of plans during a day. So consider a Plan B for your stops or destinations.

If you are on a road trip, you may need to learn how a car seat works, correctly fit one in the car, and the guidelines about front-seat sitting per state laws and the model and make of vehicle you drive. You will also want to research where the bathroom stops are if your trip takes you through rural areas or national parks – and you may want to get into the habit of just pulling over and letting the grandkids get out of the car and play every 100 miles.

Lastly, be prepared for the unexpected: as you or your grandkids may be on medication or have health concerns, you may want or need to bring medical releases from their parents, some form of medical history, appropriate meds for the grandkids, and instructions on how to give them, and copies of health insurance and doctor contact information.3