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Retirement Planning Services

Whatever your vision of retirement, it may be easier to get there if you have a clear plan.

A professional wealth manager can provide the guidance you need to create a retirement plan that puts you on the path towards your retirement dreams.

At Yerba Buena Financial Partners, we’ll help you develop a plan that strives to position you for a comfortable retirement. Whether you are three decades or five years away from retiring, we’ll work with you to analyze your situation and develop a strategy that will help you to work towards the financial stability you’ll need after you leave the workforce.

Our team of wealth managers works with clients in Northern California and nationwide to help them develop realistic plans for retirement.

We can assist clients with a range of retirement planning issues, including:

  • Accumulation and investment management for retirement
  • Retirement and income distribution projections
  • Risk management
  • Estate planning
  • Pension maximization

Our personal wealth management services are designed to help you create the financial stability you need to retire. Using our Grow & Protect Strategy, our goal is to help you to mitigate volatility, protect capital, and prepare for the unknown. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that strives to allow you to maintain your desired lifestyle in retirement while alleviating any concerns you have about outliving your income or assets.