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Grow & Protect Strategy

Picture a disciplined process for managing your investment accounts that seeks to capture growth when the market is rising but also aims to help protect capital when the market is falling. The Grow & Protect Strategy is aimed at mitigating the roller coaster ride that comes when the economy experiences substantial corrections and bear markets. As the name implies, Grow & Protect places as much weight on protecting wealth as it does growing wealth.

We deploy a disciplined process which combines robust thorough fundamental research with the latest quantitative tools to implement a strict sell and re-entry discipline.

Step 1: Our fundamental research utilizes research teams from various investment managers, brokerage firms and private analysts to ascertain the latest trends and changes in our economy and the global macro-economic environment.

Step 2: We further work with our research sources and technology to narrow the candidates of companies and pooled investments who pass our fundamental proprietary filters.

Step 3: Our quantitative analysis tools are then run, taking advantage of the latest technology to find patterns and trends as an additional tool to aid our human decisions for entry and exit points.

Step 4: Monitor, evaluate and communicate. We closely monitor the strategy to be sure the strategy is working as intended over full market cycles for the long term results we seek.

Please understand we are not saying any strategy can find the perfect top or bottom to assure success or guarantee against a loss. We do believe our clients are people who have already amassed their primary wealth and do not wish to take unnecessary risk and exposure to losses which could negatively affect their ability to pursue their long term goals.

This is a hypothetical example and is not representative of any specific investment. Your results may vary.

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