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Pillar Three


Risk Transfer

Envision guaranteeing a portion of your assets and income to reduce worry that you, your family, your business, or your favorite charity might/will suffer due to unforeseen events. We all prefer to imagine the bright side of life; for us at YBFP that is the only long view to have.

As your advocate, however, it is our role to also help you foresee what will happen to your wealth, your family, and your goals when you, or the world around you, experiences bumps in the road. What if those bumps become serious pot holes every 3–7 years? If so will your plan last in spite of the adversity. Without bias, we educate you on the options for transferring risk to highly rated insurance companies.

This education includes attributes, detriments, risk, and fees so you can make an informed decision that is most comfortable and appropriate for you with the understanding that any guarantees are dependent on the claims paying ability of the insurer. We will present all options- good and bad; clients want to be educated, not sold and have the right to choose.

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