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Three Pillars of Wealth Management

Pillar One

Grow & Protect Strategy 

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Pillar Two

Alternative Investments

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Pillar Three

Risk Transfer

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At Yerba Buena Financial Partners we proudly do things differently than many other advisors. We’ve created a wealth management process that seeks to move beyond the conventional wisdom disseminated by our industry for far too long.

The Three Pillars is a multi-faceted strategy that strives to help our clients accumulate and preserve wealth, seeking to create a calm amidst the chaos of a fast-moving, global, and interconnected economy. As recent events have shown, markets can be unpredictable. Inflexible strategies won’t help you cope with rapid changes and may make it difficult to build your wealth. Of course, no investment strategy is guaranteed to produce positive results. But our multi-faceted Three Pillars approach strives to help mitigate volatility and provide predictability, thus making it easier to avoid stress and worry in times of crisis.

Our discerning clients want a sophisticated approach backed by the latest research, technology, and tools so they can take advantage of our new economic reality. That’s what we seek to deliver with our Three Pillars of Wealth Management.

Through the Three Pillars of Wealth Management, we empower our select clientele to make informed decisions regarding building, protecting and distributing wealth by providing objective advice, comprehensive education, and service of the highest caliber.

We help clients navigate the rollercoaster of market volatility while pursuing the financial stability they need to pursue their goals. As advisors, our focus is on caring for our clients, and our goal is to develop long-term relationships with successful client families, businesses, and institutions who trust and value our advice along with the education we provide.

If you’re looking to partner with an independent firm that has your best interests at heart, and has the knowledge to endeavor to help you grow and protect your wealth over the long term, we invite you to review our website to get a sense of how we work.

A complimentary risk assessment to discover your risk tolerance for investing.

A complimentary risk assessment to discover your risk tolerance for investing.